August 20, 2019 - Blog

Blog: A Skyline Tower Guide to Dining Out With Your Dog in LIC

When completed in 2021, Skyline Tower will be the best place in Long Island City for a dog to lay its head. The superlative tower will offer easy access to a half-dozen dog parks as well as an on-site pet spa to take care of all grooming needs. Best of all, Long Island City is home to a host of great Fido-friendly bars and restaurants where Skyline Tower residents and their dogs can enjoy the best that LIC has to offer. Keep reading for our guide to the best dog-friendly eateries in LIC.

One of the oldest bars in LIC is also one of the most welcoming toward four-legged patrons. LIC Bar has stood on the corner of Vernon Boulevard and 46th Avenue for over 100 years, and it still features the original tin ceiling and brick walls inside, as well as the antique bar where bartenders serve everything from trademark cocktails to single-malt Scotch. Outside, LIC Bar’s spacious patio is a great place to relax with your pup and catch a few tunes by one of the bar’s rotating cast of local musical performers.

Beer-loving dog owners have to check out Rockaway Brewing Company’s LIC tap room. Housed in a mural-bedecked red-brick building, this microbrewery offers hip craft beers ranging in style from classic IPAs and ESBs to adventurous seasonal specials like their Bungalow Nights Imperial Stouts. Best of all, their Long Island City location not only welcomes dogs inside but is also just a couple of blocks away from Gantry Plaza State Park, which is home to its own dedicated dog park. Make sure to fill up a growler with your favorite brew before heading home (with your other “growler” in tow) to Skyline Tower.

A number of restaurants in LIC feature dog-friendly outdoor seating during the summer months. Secure a table at Skinny’s Cantina for a great Mexican meal or head to the Corner Bistro brew pub anytime before 4 a.m. for a hefty burger (we won’t tell anyone if you sneak Spot a fry or two). Comedy fans will love The Creek and The Cave, LIC’s premier underground comedy club and brew pub. While pooches aren’t allowed inside the theater itself, they are more than welcome on the club’s spacious dining patio, where guests two- and four-legged alike enjoy the kitchen’s California-style Mexican cuisine.

So, what are you waiting for? Hook up the leash and head over to Skyline Tower’s website to see for yourself why these Long Island City condos will soon be both man and dog’s best friend.

July 29, 2019 - Blog

Blog: LIC Flea & Food

Now that summer is in full swing, the iconic flea and food market known as LIC Flea & Food (behind the also iconic Pepsi-Cola sign) is finally back. Check out the special events calendar to find concerts or shows, or just stop by on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to check out some local brews at the Beer Garden and small bites at the seemingly endless array of artisan food stands. A short distance from the Long Island City condos for sale at Skyline Tower, LIC Flea & Food is the premier summer and fall destination for a whole lot of local outdoor fun.

The market is a go-to weekend spot for Queens residents looking to find unique goods and food. Vendors at LIC Flea & Food are known for their high-quality handmade jewelry, individually designed and crafted fashion items, and art — all made in the studios of local designers, painters, and sculptors. For those with a love of vintage items, know that the selection of vendors has been carefully curated, so the antiques, furnishings, and other curios found at this market are guaranteed to please the most discerning picker.

Foodies will find more than their “fare” share of delectable treats via an array of internationally inspired dishes prepared by small vendors and notable chefs alike. If beer is your thing, bring your crew and enjoy a weekend tasting cold brews along the waterfront. At the Beer Garden, the East River beckons, along with the best variety of local brewers. Bask in stunning views of the Manhattan skyline while supporting a thriving local industry and enjoying the company of good friends.

And don’t forget to plan – the venue presents a number of special events throughout the summer and fall. Oenophiles will rejoice and taste to their heart’s delight at the Wine & Tunes Festival on Sept. 14 and 15. And beer lovers fear not: There’s an event for you, too. Close out the season with The Fourth Annual Queens Beer Festival, running Oct. 5 and 6. Get your tickets and enjoy unlimited tastings from every Queens-based brewery. That’s right — EVERY. Plus, you’ll also find curated selections of beers and hard ciders from Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and even a few from Upstate. And, of course, there will be plenty of food and DJs spinning all day and night.

LIC Flea & Food promises an epic summer and fall of markets and outdoor events. It’s a great opportunity to come out and support local vendors and businesses, while enjoying a full taste of Long Island City living. Bring your friends and family, or wander over on your own. Either way, LIC Flea & Food is a must for at least one (and likely many more) of your summer and fall weekends.

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July 9, 2019 - Blog

Blog: Welcome to Lively Long Island City

In Long Island City, there are countless ways (and places) to get in shape. Below, we look at some of the flavors of the moment when it comes to exercising in style — from fast and furious workouts to laid-back sessions that will channel your inner peace. And there’s one particular spot for staying fit that couldn’t be any closer to home.

Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge|23-10 41st Avenue

This 25,000-square-foot facility, located in the heart of Long Island City, is ideal for those who like a taste of adventure with their workout. The New York Times describes Brooklyn Boulders as “the city’s largest and possibly most popular rock-climbing gym.” They’re probably right. Everyone from rookies to experts will find something that’s right for them in the range of climbing walls available here. Classes are offered for those who want to learn the ropes (so to speak), while weight rooms, cardio equipment, and saunas are thrown into the bargain. Hip climbing gear and other merch is for sale at the shop. You’ll be ready to climb Denali in no time. A similar venue worth seeking out, if you’ve a head for heights, is The Cliffs at LIC. Here, you can even book a group climbing party.

Yoga Studio 6 LIC|27-28 Thomson Avenue

“The joy for me in teaching yoga is that students come for the workout — and they leave with so much more.” These are the words of Alicia Bustamante, founder of Yoga Studio 6 LIC. If you want to become more flexible, and start using muscles you never even knew you had, this is the place to do it. Sign up for open-level or intermediate classes, and assume all kinds of postures — twists, back bends, inversions — that’ll get you fit as a fiddle. The studio’s group sessions are also a great place to meet other LIC locals.

Barre3 Long Island City|44-16 23rd Street

Sustained holds, cardio bursts, and “micro movements” are at the core of Barre3 — a rewarding full-body workout that tones, strengthens, and energizes. If you think that all sounds a bit intimidating, know that Barre3 is for anyone; the trainers here know what they’re doing, and they’ll help you progress at your own rate. The benefits of this all-encompassing workout will help you in everyday situations: your posture at the office desk will improve, you’ll lose weight — and you’ll have more energy to explore the delights of LIC!

SLT LIC|42-15 Crescent Street

SLT is taking off big time in the States, and you can now practice the studio’s intense style of workout in Long Island City. An SLT session is made up of a series of core-strengthening, fat-burning exercises that use special equipment involving ropes and pulleys. The workout sometimes incorporates positions that will push you to your limits. As the studio itself describes it: “If cardio, strength training, and Pilates had a baby … it would be SLT.” It’s all good fun, though, and you can take things at your own pace.

Skyline Tower LIC|3 Court Square

There will be days when the exercise studio feels too far from your LIC condo. Not to worry. Skyline Tower LIC comes with its own fitness facilities, including a 75-foot indoor pool. Put in a few lengths, then relax in the cedar-lined sauna.

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June 12, 2019 -

Blog: A Date Night to Remember in Long Island City

Life in New York City clips along at a famously breakneck speed — something most New Yorkers enjoy. But as a result, there are times when the things that matter the most in life, like spending time with family and friends, fall by the wayside. So, whether you’re craving a romantic evening with your significant other or an uninterrupted dinner to catch up with an old friend, setting aside time for a date night (or day!) is a great way to reconnect. Luckily for residents of the Long Island City condos at Skyline Tower, LIC is brimming with top-notch, atmospheric spots where you can do just that. Here are our favorite local spots for a little escape with someone special.

Maiella | 4610 Center Boulevard

There are plenty of things to love about Maiella, starting with the unbeatable waterfront location just under the iconic Pepsi sign at Gantry Plaza State Park. From where the restaurant sits, diners are afforded vaulting views of the Manhattan skyline and waterfront, a fact that inspired Eater NY to refer to Maiella as “one of the area’s de facto locations for a special occasion dinner.” Indeed, Maiella has a decidedly “special occasion” feel, thanks in part to a menu full of flashy, decadent Italian options. For example, there’s the Fettuccini Maiella, which is made from pasta infused with Sangiovese, parmesan, and seasonal truffle, and prepared tableside in a cheese wheel — a celebratory touch that elevates an already sky-high dining experience.

Beebe’s | 38-28 27th Street

As the days grow long and warm, locals are understandably ready to venture out of their LIC condos and get a little fresh air. If you’re looking to reconnect with a friend or significant other in an al fresco setting, look no further than the expansive patio at Beebe’s. With a sophisticated yet unpretentious vibe, Beebe’s is a local favorite for elevated pizza and pub fare. Late last year, Beebe’s made CNN’s list of New York City’s best pizza restaurants, with a suggestion that one should “add meatballs for an ethereal experience.” Otherworldly meatballs? Sign us up.

Domaine Bar a Vins | 50-04 Vernon Boulevard

Date night doesn’t have to stop at dinner. If you find your conversation still has plenty of momentum long after the plates have been cleared, wander to Domaine Bar a Vins for some post-dinner drinks and, if you’re lucky, some live jazz. The setting is small, intimate, and as The New York Times put it, “chill and unfussy.” The selection of wine is extensive and mostly French, with over 40 options stored in quaint wooden cupboards behind the bar. It’s an ideal setting for close conversation — made all the better with a tasty vintage and a side of charcuterie.

Outdoor Terrace | Skyline Tower

When you live somewhere as unique as the LIC condos at Skyline Tower, you don’t actually need to go out to have a spectacular date night. The lush Outdoor Terrace is an ideal spot for a picnic, where magnificent views of Manhattan’s skyline serve as a backdrop for romance or reconnection. Because the setting itself is so dramatic, you don’t need much to make the night special, but you can enlist the friendly staff at the nearby Alma Gourmet to help you pull together the perfect plate of cheese, olives, and cured meats to pair with your wine. The best part? When the night begins to wind down, you’re already home.

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May 14, 2019 -

Blog: Welcome to Lively Long Island City

As the tallest of all Long Island City condos, Skyline Tower promises unparalleled, panoramic views of Manhattan’s iconic skyline. But while the dramatic views leave a lasting impression, they aren’t the only draw for residents moving into the new LIC condos for sale. Newcomers to the neighborhood are learning what longtime residents already know: Long Island City is a vibrant community, brimming with green spaces, theaters, and a lively nightlife and restaurant scene. There’s also the added bonus of convenient transportation to and from the other boroughs. But with everything going on in LIC, you may find yourself wanting to stay close to home.

To begin, LIC is home to one of the city’s most distinctive green spaces: Gantry Plaza State Park. Like many pockets of New York City, LIC was once a bustling hub of industry, thanks to its prime location along the East River. While reminders of this history can be easily spotted around the city, there are few places where the vestiges of industry are as beautifully and proudly displayed as Gantry Plaza State Park. There, on the riverfront, stand the gantries that were once used to load and unload enormous barges. Rather than remove the obsolete equipment, local officials opted to restore the gantries and leave them as “striking reminders of our waterfront’s past.” Indeed, the gargantuan relics are striking, especially as they stand in stark contrast to the 12 acres of lush, natural greenery surrounding them. With plenty of boardwalk for strolling, ample seating for lounging, and a clear view of the Manhattan skyline, Gantry Plaza State Park is one of the more unique parks in the city.

Then, there’s the food. It’s no secret that LIC is a magnet for foodies, thanks to the astonishing variety that exists within the restaurant scene. And while you can find everything from cozy farm-to-table hideouts to authentic Italian cuisine, most of the local spots have a few things in common: fresh ingredients, visionary chefs, and atmospheric settings. Take, for example, Beebe’s, a staple for pizza in LIC. It’s hard to say whether locals flock here for the pizza or the ambience. The former is campfire-style, fresh, and “topped to the edge” in homage to the famous pies of NYC; the latter is modern and bright, with industrial-chic yellow chandeliers and a sleek bar encased in floor-to-ceiling windows. In the warmer months, a private courtyard offers plenty of seating for dining al fresco.

Those who love all things farm-to-table will find plenty of options for fresh, organic, locally sourced meals in LIC, starting with LIC Market. Don’t let the modest name and unassuming storefront of this spot fool you; the food you’ll find here is anything but ordinary. In fact, LIC Market is known for taking a home-cooked classic, like buttermilk pancakes, and elevating it to the spectacular — think house-made jam, toasted pumpkin seed butter, and, of course, fresh maple syrup. If you haven’t guessed, LIC Market is a popular brunch spot, but it’s the place to be for dinner, too. Vegetarian dishes shine, like the risotto, which features bright asparagus, arugula, fontina, and pine nuts. For another take on homestyle cooking, there’s Adda Indian Canteen, a spot Eater NY recently said is “making a conscientious effort to dig into the regionalities of Indian cuisine.” Indeed, the menu boasts six different kinds of curry — a reason to return again and again.

If, despite all of this, you decide to head out of LIC, finding transportation is startlingly easy. Serving the neighborhood are eight subway lines, the East River Ferry, and the Long Island Railroad, so an excursion out of the area is fairly effortless. But we’ll bet that, wherever you might go, you’ll be eager to return to your home in the Skyline Tower LIC condominiums.

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